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Cala Volo di Notte - Giannutri

Cala Volo di Notte

Rocky cove

Cala Volo di Notte (“Cove of the night flight”) is located in the heart of the Golfo degli Spalmatoi, opposite Cala Schiavone (Cala dello Schiavo); is formed by a 90° heading change of the coast of the island, which first north-south oriented suddenly bends toward the east, steep and woody, creating an excellent shelter for boats that are temporarily at anchor. Access through a trail allows you to find the most convenient point for a dive from the rocks. The total transparency of the water allows you to observe the cliff that continues its almost vertical descent under the surface of the sea, vanishing in the blue some meters below: using a simple mask and with the right lighting conditions you may have the impression of levitating mid-air near the cliff, surrounded by a babel of multicolored fish grazing along the rocky coasts.

The origin of the name is unknown and attested by the first half of the nineteenth century. Namely, the name could be derived from the feeling of flying next to the vertical cliff determined by the clearness of the waters, with the blue depths of the sea under your feet.

From Cala Spalmatoio you climb up the Roman road to the sports ground in Ischiaiola; at the adjacent heliport you have to take the path to the left that cuts longitudinally the island down to the Vigna Vecchia; About 100 meters beyond the ruined farmhouse you encounter a bifurcation, the path to the left, after a short trail, leads to the cliffs of Cala Volo di Notte; the last segment that descends the cliff is less easy and requires caution.
From Cala Spalmatoio: 40 minutes.
From Cala Maestra: 40 minutes.

Access to the cove through the trails is allowed only if accompanied by a Park Guide; the prohibition is not valid for residents of the island of Giannutri, for homeowners, renters and guests (these categories must apply for a special pass to the Park).

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