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cala maestra giannutri

Cala Maestra

In the central part of Giannutri, on the opposite side of Cala Spalmatoio, opens the beautiful Cala Maestra, that gets its name from the mistral (“maestro” or “maestrale” in Italian language) that blows from northwest, direction towards which the narrow cove is oriented. Right next to the north of the cove is the second dock on the island, a port used by ferryboats coming from Il Giglio or by those arriving from Porto Santo Stefano…

Isola di Giannutri - Cala Spalmatoio - Beach

Cala Spalmatoio

Cala Spalmatoio is located in the most sheltered point of Giannutri, at the center of the gulf created by the peculiar crescent shape of the island (called Golfo degli Spalmatoi). Here the sea extends into a short fjord surrounded by steep limestone walls at the bottom of which, at the base of the modern “tower” of the tourist village, there is a small and picturesque pebbly and sandy beach…

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