Giannutri Artemis' Island
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The unspoiled paradise off the coast of Tuscany

Isola di Giannutri - Cala Spalmatoio
Apartments & Holiday homes in Giannutri

Choose between accommodations in the picturesque village of Cala Spalmatoio and the villas scattered among the Mediterranean scrub


The Artemis’ Island in the Tuscan Archipelago

The beauties of Giannutri

Beaches, coves, paths, caves, cliffs, woods, Mediterranean scrub, extraordinary seabeds with wreaks to explore, the romantic ruins of a Roman villa overlooking the sea: discover everything you can find on the Giannutri island!

The Island of environmentally sustainable tourism

Always considered sacred to Diana / Artemis for its curious crescent shape, Giannutri is a small island of the Tuscan Archipelago, 11 km from Argentario and 15 km from the Giglio Island. Is also the southernmost island of the archipelago, only 100 km away from Rome.

In its 2.8 km length Giannutri holds a wild and unexpected environment, made of soft coves wetted by crystal clear sea, steep cliffs that fall in the deepest blue, sea caves, beaches, impenetrable woods, a variegated Mediterranean scrub from which the ruins of the glorious Roman past emerge.

To preserve the peculiar natural environment and the extraordinary seabeds – that hide ancient and modern wrecks – the island has been included in the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago and subject to strict rules that limit but do not hinder the tourist enjoyment, creating a perfect balance between hospitality and need for protection.

Those who are looking for a largely unspoiled island of rare, silent beauty and comfortably accessible from the mainland will fall in love with Giannutri…

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Roman villa of the Domitii Ahenobarbi
Nature trails in the heart of Giannutri
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Sleeping in Giannutri

"Is it possible to spend the night at Giannutri?" ask many casual visitors enchanted by the wild splendor of the island. Obviously yes! Although largely uninhabited, there is a small tourist village on the island and a few dozen villas scattered in the woods and the scrub.
Available accommodation:

holiday home at Giannutri

Holiday Homes in Giannutri

Some owners of villas and apartments on the island of Giannutri make their homes available for short-term rentals. Both in Cala Spalmatoio ...

Hotels in Monte Argentario near Giannutri

Hotels Giannutri – surroundings

Although the island of Giannutri has no hotel facilities, those who want to visit it without giving up the comforts of a ...

Giannutri on a sailing boat

In the locality of Cala Spalmatoio (42°15’15.5″N 11°06’17.4″E) there is the only true landing place of the island of Giannutri (the pier of Cala Maestra is used only by authorized motor ships). Cala Spalmatoio has a quay – concrete pier: docking is only possible temporarily for unloading and loading operations and must be left free for the mooring of scheduled ferries. Cala Spalmatoio is not equipped for supplies to boaters: there are no toilets, electricity, water or fuel supplies. Cala Spalmatoio and the gulf in front of it are not included in the areas subject to special protection regimes for the safeguard of the marine environment: here navigation, stopping, anchoring and diving activities are therefore possible. The protected marine areas of Giannutri are subject to video surveillance by means of cameras installed along the coast, with serious administrative penalties for offenders. For more information visit the Rules and services section.

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