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Rules & services

The island of Giannutri is included in the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago. For this reason, visitors must comply with the strict rules imposed by the Park Management Authority to protect the site from the harmful effects of tourism.

The ticket for the island

From May 17, 2017 to land on the island of Giannutri you need to buy a 4 € ticket issued by the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago and valid for the entire period of stay. The ticket is purchased directly at the time of the ticket purchase for the ferryboat. The following categories are exempt from paying the ticket for access to the Park:
• children under the age of 12;
• school groups;
• handicapped;
• institutional and service staff;
• research personnel and those authorized by the Park Authority;
• residents of Giglio Island;
• owners of real estate on the island.
All trippers and renters of houses or apartments on the island, over the age of 12 and no handicapped, are therefore required to pay the entrance fee.
Those arriving on the island of Giannutri by means other than the ferryboat are required to purchase the entry ticket at the Proloco of Isola del Giglio or at the ticket office Maregiglio in Porto Santo Stefano.

Admission of pets

On the island of Giannutri it is allowed to carry pets as long as they are kept on a leash while moving. The owner is also required to collect the droppings.

Restricted areas on the island

In most of the island it is forbidden to walk along the trails without the accompaniment of a park guide. The two main coves of Giannutri, Cala Spalmatoio and Cala Maestra, are freely accessible, as the connecting avenue between them. The billboards on the island inform visitors when they are leaving the free access area. The Park Authority performs random checks to ensure compliance with the prohibitions; offenders risk a fine from 516 € to 1032 €. The ban is not valid for residents on the island of Giannutri, for homeowners, tenants and guests (categories that require special passes to the Park Authority). Therefore, anyone staying overnight on the island as a homeowner, a tenant or a guest of these has free access to all the routes and trails on the island, provided that he requests the free pass issued by the Park Authority.

Protected marine areas

Some sea areas around the island have special protection regimes to safeguard the overwhelming submerged environment. In the map to the side (or below if you are using a smartphone) the protected areas are specified in different colors: Level 1 areas (darker) have full protection (access, navigation, parking, anchorage, fishing and diving). A surveillance video service along the coast is active to control the presence of offenders in protected areas. Level 2 areas (clearer) have limitations related to fishing. Outside these areas navigation, diving and fishing are permitted without limitations.

Other bans

On the island it is also forbidden:
• to turn on fires;
• hunting;
• to collect flowers or damage plants;
• to collect minerals;
• abandoning waste;
• to go camping;
• to disturb the animals;
• to abandon the marked trails;
• to leave pets free.


Accompanying with Park Guides along the nature trails and tours to the Roman villa

Information and calendar of guided tours and nature hikes in Giannutri
For those who wish to visit the restricted areas of the island and do not have the pass issued by the Park Authority (reserved for homeowners, tenants and their guests) it is possible to book the nature hikes led by an authorized Park Guide. The Park Guides also lead guided tours to the Roman villa belonged to the Domitii Ahenobarbi at Punta Scaletta (near Cala Maestra). The service costs € 8 per person, reduced € 4 (children 11-14 years), exempt children 0-10 years. For information and reservations you can follow the above link or contact the following number: +39 0565 908231

Bar and restaurant

There is only one cafe (Bar La Vela) on the island at the village square of Cala Spalmatoio.
The only restaurant of the island on the same square of the cafe suspended the activity


There is currently only one small supermarket on the island in the small square of the village of Cala Spalmatoio. The goods on sale at the minimarket are few: for those who stay on the island for a while it is advisable to carry food and drinks from the mainland or ask the staff of the ferryboats about the service of transporting the shopping from Porto Santo Stefano.

Internet wi-fi

The tourist village of Cala Spalmatoio has a wi-fi internet service for a fee. Activating wi-fi on your phone, tablet or PC and entering any web page through your browser will automatically display the instructions to activate the wifi connection of Cala Spalmatoio.

Sports field

The sports field is located in Ischiaiola, halfway between Cala Spalmatoio and Cala Maestra: this is a soccer field on the ground adjacent to the heliport. Its use is reserved for homeowners or renters or their guests.

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