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The old Lighthouse of Giannutri - I Grottoni

The old Lighthouse of Giannutri


At the southern end of Giannutri, overlooking the open sea and away from the inhabited areas, the coast becomes more harsh and the landscape assumes a wild connotation. The ceaseless erosion of the sea and the winds carved the cliff creating impressive rocks that emerge steeply from the waters; they form coves and sea caves (hence the name of Grottoni, from “grotta” in Italian language meaning cave) inaccessible both from the island and from the sea, given the absolute ban on sailing in the waters ahead, imposed by the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago to preserve the nesting points of avian species that visit the island and underwater flora and fauna.

Above this spectacular coastline in the seventies of the nineteenth century the Giannutri Lighthouse was built, an octagonal tower next to the custodian’s house which now lies in a state of neglect: the lighthouse continues to carry out its work of signaling the island position to the ships in transit thanks to an automated system that only needs periodic checks. The structure is painted with white and red bands to enhance its visibility and receive energy from photovoltaic panels. With extreme attention, over the lighthouse you can observe the cliff that falls in the deep blue of the sea (it is advisable to keep children and animals firmly for the absence of a parapet): it’s one of the most impressive images given by the island of Giannutri.

The cliff at the old Lighthouse of Giannutri, in the southern part of the island
From Cala Spalmatoio you climb up the Roman road to the sports ground in Ischiaiola; at the junction at the heliport turn left and head towards Vigna Vecchia; past the ruins of the ruined farmhouse continues on the main path towards the lighthouse of Giannutri.
From Cala Spalmatoio: 80 minutes.
From Cala Maestra: 80 minutes.

Access to the lighthouse through the trails is allowed only if accompanied by a Park Guide; the prohibition is not valid for residents of the island of Giannutri, for homeowners, renters and guests (these categories must apply for a special pass to the Park).

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